"I never hesitate to recommend your firm and all that it provides. It has put us ahead of the pack in the regulatory realm."

Broker/Dealer and RIA, New York

"It has been a valuable services for us. They continue to innovate."

Registered Investment Adviser, Virginia

"PRI have made themselves available to us for one-on-one dialogue. They are overly generous with their time. To get that kind of information, we would have had to hire an attorney at much higher cost. The G-MAP materials available on the website are great. It's a phenomenal collection of content. The Advisor Resource Center in general is valuable, and especially G-MAP. The content has surpassed our expectations."

Broker/Dealer and RIA, California

"They understand what I am experiencing and what I need to do to get things approved in my company. They have been able to face off with our in-house counsel and our compliance department. They are able to explain things to others in my company when I need someone to do that. They can explain things in layman’s terms and help me convince others about what needs to be done."

Registered Investment Adviser, Massachusetts

"The availability, openness, and collaboration has been greater than what was expected. I wouldn't have expected a consultant to be willing to pick up the phone at any time to talk about sales strategies. We never felt that they were put out when we picked up the phone to call them."

Broker/Dealer and RIA, Southeastern US

"We’re so happy to be part of PRI!"

Registered Investment Adviser, Washington

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